Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Eat Flesh, Drink Blood: REVENGE & THE COUNT = JUSTICE?

Eat Flesh, Drink Blood: REVENGE & THE COUNT = JUSTICE?: "What is ultimate justice? What does it mean to be just? Can humans make justice decisions? How do we decide what makes right a wrong?"


Michael said...

The book of John was written in the Greek Language. And when the author recorded things down - when he said you must eat my flesh - he used the Greek word "trogo."

Now in the Greek language, many words can be used for "eat". However, the word "trogo" was chosen; it's a very special word because it cannot be taken symbolically. When that word was chosen - when you trogo something, you actually gnaw on it. The definition is to aggressively or loudly munching, gnawing and chewing, as an animal would eat.

This cannot be taken symbolically, and the author chooses this word so that later on when people read this - it's not a soft word - it's meant to actually gnaw and to eat. It's very important; it cannot to be taken symbolically.